Put your game face on

What’s your endgame?

Are you in business to get big or get bought?

If you’re contemplating a move in either direction, we strongly recommend ‘putting your game face on.’

How can you ascertain whether or not your company needs such a face? Just take a look around. At your industry. At your competitors. (Chances are excellent that none of them are standing still.) If your assessment at the end of this look-around is “we look good enough” – you probably don’t.

The signs are easy to spot.

  • A logo that practically screams, “Ignore me!”
  • Messaging that whines, “Me, too.”
  • A vintage 2003 website, for example. Worse, if it’s not optimized. What’s your status in a search? Is it content-rich. Is there lead capture tactics or do visitors come and go – never to return.
  • Sales / company materials that should be renting space in your storeroom because they’re so outdated, but you take pity on them because the local landfill is so short on amenities.

Loathe as we are to recommend cosmetic surgery, a make-over of some sort is clearly in order here. A revitalized brand yields a new attitude. Ask Allstate, State Farm, or Farmer’s Insurance. Formerly frowsy brands that would rather tranquilize you than engage with you, they’re now home to Mayhem Guy, immediate gratification, and Farmer’s University, respectively.

(OK, they’re operating in the high-rent district, but you get our point; It’s just as important in the B2B space as it is in consumer.

A new game face is something that looks to the future rather than something you drag around, leg-ironed to the past. It conveys to your customers you’re vital, prospects you’re worthy of their short list potential suitors you’re credible and a player, and the competition to beware.

So lead with your face, a move that’s counter-intuitive everywhere but here. And get it on.