Rapid Brand Strategy Development

Brand clarity is both essential and fundamental serving as the foundation for all communications, outward and inward facing. For clients in need, Litos Strategic Communication offers Rapid Brand Strategy Development. The purpose of such activity is to establish a baseline of understanding around current perceptions of your brand and, from there, inform the development of a brand platform to confidently meet your market and your customers.

The 3-step process includes:

Step 1: Discovery

  • Conduct interviews with company leadership
  • Conduct brief assessment of competitive landscape
  • Develop summary of interview findings
  • Reach consensus around these findings

Step 2: Development of Working Brand Platform

  • Identification of primary and secondary audiences
  • Goal of the brand, i.e., brand promise
  • Brief articulation of strategy
  • Reasons to believe in the brand
  • The tone of the brand and all messaging
Achieving consensus around this document will inform the development of your core statements, an endeavor that invariably enables the company to bring further clarity to its brand.

Step 3: Development of core statements

Consistency of messaging is critical to every company these days, considering the proliferation of partnerships, strategic alliances and the like. Given this landscape, it is only natural that inconsistencies and even mixed messaging internally and externally would be projected.

While recognizing the continuous need to craft different messages for different audiences, the creation of a messaging infrastructure speaks to all solutions with a single voice. Clarifying corporate messaging requires the codification of corporate statements including mission, vision, brand positioning and – more prosaically – “the elevator pitch.”