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The Smart Grid Toolkit is available to you now.

Grid modernization, a.k.a. the smart grid, is on the mind of many utility managers. But how do you get the word out to residential and small commercial customers? How do you get their buy-in? How do you know your messaging is on point?

Research-based, consumer-focused and creatively driven, The Smart Grid Toolkit helps you get the word out to your customers about grid modernization and how it empowers them – immediately and effectively.

Created with the assistance of utilities nationwide – utilities like yours. 

The Toolkit consists of templated, brandable marketing components that speak to your customers in layman’s terms, educating them about the promise, practicality and benefits of grid modernization. Better yet, it can be easily integrated into existing programs, complementing efforts in consumer education, energy efficiency and demand response.

Here’s what you get.

  • FACT SHEETS: Seven, two-sided fact sheets ranging from “What is the Smart Grid?” to “The Smart Grid & Plug-in Vehicles.”
  • PAMPHLET / BILL STUFFER: A highly versatile, user-friendly, Smart Grid overview brochure.
  • DIRECT MAIL: A four-part postcard series addressing key topics such as safety and privacy.
  • POSTER SERIES: Three posters, appropriate for all audiences, promoting the vision and benefits of the Smart Grid.
  • POWERPOINT PRESENTATION: An effective communications tool for presenting to, and engaging with, community groups, business organizations, and other interested parties.

Sample The Creative: click images to enlarge.

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A suite of communications tools built to advance the Smart Grid.
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