WinBiz Webinars

The Official Webpage of Litos Strategic Communications’ WinBiz Webinars 

WinBiz Webinars is a webinar series produced by Litos and designed specifically to help organizations market themselves more creatively, effectively and profitably.

Reaching Impossible-to-Reach Prospects:
High-Impact Direct Mail and the Value of an Integrated Campaign

You know who they are – the A-List prospects you’d love to connect with. How do you get the attention of these impossible-to-reach prospects? Watch this WinBiz Webinar and discover how the combination of high-impact direct mail and social media techniques can break through the clutter and deliver the unexpected.

You will learn:
  • How to ‘take out’ the gatekeeper (sorry, but it’s necessary)
  • How to command the attention of and impress your hard-to-reach targets
  • How to integrate social media and leverage that attention to grow a relationship
  • How to rise above the fray in a highly competitive environment

This WinBiz webinar features industry thought leaders Mark Litos and Kathy Tito.

Don’t Just Exhibit at a Trade Show, Own It!

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn about:

  • Sure-fire awareness and engagement strategies, — including real-world examples from on-site and off-site events – that can drive big return on investment straight to your company’s bottom line!
  • Applying social media strategies to further leverage your participation, from pre-event through post-event
  • Realizing phenomenal cost-per-lead performance

Join industry experts Mark Litos and Kathy Tito as they give you a whole new way to look at – and profit from – your trade-show experiences.